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Menu Maker


Menu Maker is a dedicated tool for creating NavBars and menus so there's no UI bloat! Its clean and simple UI is so intuitive to use that even your grandmother could use it.

Create hierarchical DHTML menus
Vertical or horizontal pop-out menus Add animated transitions Totally customizable: change colors, fonts, border and spacing Uniquely compact menu code produces small file sizes.

NavBars & Menus
All necessary JavaScript and HTML is automatically created for you Graphics are automatically optimized for the web to keep file sizes small Seamless integration with Dreamweaver and FrontPage so you can add and edit Menu Maker NavBars from within these popular html editors.

NavBar templates
All Menu Maker's NavBar templates are designed by professional graphic artists Change color, texture, font, text, background and size with no loss of quality Buttons automatically stretch and shrink to fit your button text Choose from vertical or horizontal NavBar designs Customize in real-time so you can view changes instant.








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