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Xara 3D / Editing & applying effects


- Interactive control over the 3D extrude depth - simply click and drag on the image.

- Unlimited undo makes experimentation easy.

- Real-time 3D positioning around three axes by simply dragging the image on screen.

- Areas of text can be selected, and different attributes such as bevel, color, fonts, textures, animation and text settings applied.

- The Style Picker allows you to easily grab any or all of the settings of one image and apply them to another.

- A total of 27 different bevel types with adjustable bevel size.

- Interactive, easy-to-use lighting controls (three adjustable light arrows which can be dragged on-screen).

- Flexible interactive controls over the color and/or texture of every part of the image, and the background.

- A total of 37 textures are included in the download. You can also import your own GIF or PNG files. Textures can be scaled, rotated and colored.

- Images can be displayed with front and back faces, or can be made hollow. Images can be matt or shiny.

- Images can have a soft-edged shadow and an intuitive interface allows you to easily alter the shadow blur, transparency and color.

- Real-time solid shading with optional error-diffusion dithering for top quality results.









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