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Terms & Conditions


 Webserver Design Ltd is a Londonbased company , with the following address :

Our Nordic office is situated in Bergen, Norway, with the following address :

    Webserver Design Ltd
    Klosterhaugen 9
    N-5005 Bergen, NORWAY
    Org.nr. 888 037 322
    Website: www.webserverdesign.no


Option 1 - Visa or Mastercard with PAYPAL
If you wish to pay with Visa or Mastercard, please use our secure SSL PayPal solution and select the Visa/Mastercard button on the "Buy" page.

Option 2 – Pre-pay
Submit the form in our "Pre-pay site", and we will send you an e-mail containing all the necessary information you need to pre-pay your order.

Option 3 – Invoice
Invoice is only available for companies approved by our creditdepartment, and for public institutions.

Option 4 – Cash On Delivery
We offer to dispatch goods on demand by "Cash On Delivery" to Norway, Sweden and Iceland. We are sorry that we can not dispatch goods on demand by "Cash On Delivery" to Denmark or Suomi Finland. NB: All unclaimed packages will be charged all cost implied, including the double freight, and also a NOK 150 (EUR 20) fee for unclaimed goods.

We normally ship your order the same day, or the next day at the latest. We use airmail to all Nordic countries, and you should expect to receive your software within a few days, after your order have been received and prosessed by us.









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