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Xara Xtreme Pro / Why Xtreme Pro?


So what makes Xtreme Pro the right choice for professional graphic designers?

Xara Xtreme Pro is the world's highest performing drawing and illustration software-by a huge margin. Its speed enables more complex, more realistic and stand-out drawings to be created more easily, in less time.

Graphics Quality
Xara pioneered many of the graphic techniques taken for granted by users of high-end illustration software, such as vector anti-aliasing, transparency and graduated transparency effects, linked colors and a lot more. It continues to lead the way, incorporating into Pro the world's most advanced rendering engine, producing the highest on-screen quality of any vector graphics program, as well as being the fastest.

Slick UI
Competitors have tried to imitate Xtreme's intuitive, uncluttered user interface, but Xtreme was designed from the ground up to be this way and that can't be matched. Bottom line: it's faster, it makes experimentation easy and that all adds up to much greater productivity.









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